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Tips For Your Daily Writing  

Daily Writing Tips

Today I have in store for you, another fabulous writing blog which I visit frequently. Aptly named Daily Writing Tips, this blog has a proficient team of writers and editors. It has a multiple choice of collections for readers to enjoy and improve their writing prowess.

As the authors rightly say in their intrduction,

"It can be difficult to hone one's writing skills within this fast paced environment. To solve this problem we decided to create Daily Writing Tips, a blog where you will find simple yet effective tips to improve your writing."
This blog imparts basic knowledge about the simple parts of speech about Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Pronouns and the like. It also help you in business writing and freelance writing. Thus you see that they have a variety of options for young and old, alll alike!

One of my favorites is the Word Of The Day posts which enrich our vocabulary daily. And how could I ever forget to mention the Misused Words which tell us the basic mistakes in our language and also entertain the queries of the readers.

The posts under the category spelling are also good to improve our errors and learn the differences between the words with the same pronunciation. For amateur writers, their posts on fiction writing would be prudent. One of their recent posts, Cna Yuo Raed Tihs? is a fun-filled post full of jumbled sentences for you to solve and enjoy! They also contain tests and a forum.

To sum it up, all I can say is that this is one of the finest examples of a writing blog and a great help to amateur writers. I have bookmarked this and eagerly open my feed reader each morning to read about the my Daily Writing Tip of the day!

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Sherlock Holmes Was Real!  

Can you believe that the famous detective Sherlock Holmes was a real historical figure and he actually existed?

Sherlock Holmes, the introspecting detective who solved many complicated and perplexing crimes and mysteries by his logical reasoning and deductions, along with his abettor Dr. Watson are supposed to be one of the most famous pairs in the book world! Most of you must have read some of their interesting mysteries.

I had earlier told you that the writer of Sherlock Holmes, the famous author Arthur Conan Doyle actually believed in fairies! But here's something more strange- No, I don't personally believe this......

More than half of the teenagers of England believe that Sherlock Holmes was a real historical figure. According to a survey conducted by UKTV Gold some time back, questions were posed to 3,000 ordinary Britons to test their historical acumen, the results of which point out that 58 % of them believed that Sherlock Holmes was not a mythical figure; but really existed.

In fact, the survey even showed many interesting, bizarre but thought-provoking results. News Right Now reports:

Some think Charles Dickens was himself a character in fiction rather than the creator of David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and Martin Chuzzlewit. Meanwhile Sherlock Holmes, the pilot Biggles, and the Three Musketeers were real people.

I still cannot believe my eyes! What do you think?

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Fatal Cure - by Robin Cook  

This is a medical thriller by Robin Cook.

A stimulating read for all Robin Cook lovers! An exceptional writer Robin Cook, also known as the master of medical thriller, writes mysteries related to the science of medicine. Fatal Cure is the first book by Robin Cook that I read and since then...I've been hooked on!

This is a story about Angela and David Wilson who are in a medical partnership and real life couples too. But their lives take a drastic change as they discover that their nine year old daughter is fighting an incurable disease.

They were living and working in Boston. Boston is a busy metro and quite similar to New York- crowds, traffic, robberies etc. Then both of them are offered good positions in Bartlet, which is a small countryside town with open spaces and palatial houses.

Their visit to Bartlet was like love at first sight. On top of that the salaries that they are offered are also quite comfortable.Their daughter too is advised to stay there as her respiratory problems would improve in less polluted areas like Bartlet.

Based on such considerations they decide not to continue further studies in Boston and head towards this beautiful countryside, Bartlet, looking for a new life away from the pressures of the city. Little did they realize that beneath the charming and pleasant paradise lay a more sinister secret.

Then both of them get entangled in an amazing plot at their hospital and the story continues as the mystery unravels....

Quite a fascinating read and I certainly enjoyed each moment of it. The fantastic detailing and explanations about the medical offices and terms were also useful!

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One Step Forward  

One of my favorite writing blogs is ‘One Step Forward’ which is written by Legbamel an expert in this field. She rightly writes in her profile, “I blog about writing and grammar. Every so often, I throw in writing prompts, freelance job links and tips, and publishing opportunities. Less often, I actually write for money or work on my novel.”

The blog is enriched with posts on proper language usage with tips on improving your grammar. I loved to read Grammar Pet Peeves (which shows some sites for your elucidation and entertainment), I Told You Grammar Was Important (which points towards some entertaining grammar posts on other blogs), Using Commas in Your Dates (which gives some troubleshooting tips on how to punctuate the dates) etc.

Another section which interests me is none other than Writing Prompts. Posts like Writing Prompts and Exercises (look to writing exercises to loosen up those creative muscles) and Guides to Writing and Editing (look beyond grammar & spelling to get that virtual ink flowing again) are wonderful articles worth reading again and again!

How can I forget to mention about the Vocabulary posts where Legbamel not only gives tips for improving your vocabulary but also make it an interesting topic to look forward to like Beware the Wily Thesaurus (how too much thesaurus can be bad for your writing).

To sum it up, ‘One Step Forward’ is a one step blog to solve all your writing and language related queries covering various topics like grammar, vocabulary, writing tips, writing prompts, associated content, freelance writing and many other.

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Sleep Facing North and Improve Your Writing!  

Hello friends! You must have often heard tit-bits about great authors and what they perceived made them write well. Many great writers thought that different things were their lucky quotient ( just like we all do at times!) but something really easy and fascinating of all of them were the thoughts of Charles Dickens, the renowned author.

Did you know that Charles Dickens slept facing North? And the sole reason for this was that he thought it improved his writing ability! hear you all asking "Why have I been slogging with a pen and paper then??" But its not so...They say success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration!

Just the same way, continue writing but also try this idea along with it. Who knows when your lucky star may shine??

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Treasure Island - by Robert Louis Stevenson  

This is a classic novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Stories about sailors and treasures are always a stimulating read! I enjoyed this one too with it's touch of insanity and a streak of madness visible in most of the charachters. The story includes Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Ben Gunn, Dr. Livesey, and Captain Smollett. Jim, is a tough guy who is always trying to find a solution for problems.

Once a pirate called Billy Bones comes to stay at the inn belonging to the parents of Jim Hawkins. It's obvious that Bones is hiding from someone and one night he is tracked down by his enemies. A treasure map is subsequently discovered and Hawkins takes it to the local doctor and the local squire. They decide to go to the island in question to get the treasure but little do they know that Bones' enemies are on their trail. Plus the crew they have picked for their voyage have treachery on their mind, thanks to the chief crewmate called Long John Silver....

The story revolves around how Jim and his friends got out of the island before they get captured by the pirates. Dr. Livesey was the person who found the treasure and then gave the map to Long John Silver. Then he hatched a plot for the crew of Long John Silver. Fially Jim, Ben Gunn, Long John Silver, and Dr. Livesey escape the island.

They all did different kinds of things with there money and lived a comfortable life. Jim’s mother died and Jim stayed with the inn, and ended selling it to an English man.

I liked this book and especially the narraiton by Jim Hawkins. It was an exhilarating read and what I call a "true classic!"

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