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Small Wonder!  

Adora Svitak
Recently, I read an astonishing news which almost made me jump off my chair in surprise!

70 pounds and not an inch taller than 4 feet, but hey! don’t go by Adora Svitak’s size my friends…..for she stood proudly atop the stage addressing students of one of the best public high school at Chicago, which also counts Michelle Obama as one of the prestigious alumina, giving them advises on how to publish their books!

Yes!!! Can you believe it?

She stood lively in her pink pompom boots and sweat pants in a cherubic blue. It is supposed that almost 135 students listened with rapt attention to her words and most were encouraged and aspired to reach her level.

She told the students to become much more serious about their writing if their dream is to publish a book, and to limit their television time.

Just 11 years of age, and already the happy author of two published books, Adora from Redmond, Wash, was on cloud nine as she shared her experience as a writer with the students. She has already penned down more than 400 short stories and more than a dozen poems. She says that by the ripe age of 4, she conquered the art of reading chapter books and started writing soon enough. She has her own blog which you can visit by clicking here.

In a patent voice and gesticulations that contradict her age, Adora used prudent literary vocabulary like “protagonist,” “conflict” and “plot” as easily as girls her age use words for their favorite pop stars and television shows.

Adora, prefers watching nightly newscasts and reading fantasy, historical fiction and biographies than sitting in front of the idiot-box.

I just wish I was as smart as her. All I can do now is look up to her as an inspiration!

T*Witches- by Reisfeld and Gilmour  

T*Witches- by Reisfeld and Gilmour

It’s been long time since I finished reading T*Witches. But seeing it in my shelf I could not resist taking it out for another read and that’s when I thought I ought to write about it!

T*Witches is a popular young adult fantasy novel series by H.B Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld.

This book is in a series which have a total of ten books. It is also been amde into a popular Disney Channel Movie. The book is the story about identical twin sisters separated at birth, Camryn Barnes and Alexandra Fielding, also known as Apolla and Artemis DuBaer (their names as witches).

The only sign of recognition they have about their real life is a pair of matching amulets of the sun and the moon and also similar powers to said celestial bodies. The twins' guardians are Ileana, a cousin; and Karsh, a mentor.

In the real world, the two live completely different lives, miles away from each other, not knowing of their powers until they met in The Power of Two.

The book has a wonderful plot which goes through an avalanche of emotions, surprises and thrills. It will certainly be a good read for most teenagers. It is about magic, reunion and love- themes which can be enjoyed by one and all.

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The Best Time To Write!  

The Best Time To Write!

There are always people asking me how to decide when is the best time to write? How to decipher when your mind is at its creative best and when it can provide the maximum result?

It was then that I decided to write this post.

First, get down to thinking which ambience soothes you best. Some like the early morning bloom, or some the late night moon….some the musical melodies and some prefer the quiet parody.

What do you like? When do you let your mind relax the best?

Or question yourself as to when do you enjoy reading a book?

Some like that late at night, someone the morning ….. and others have diverse ideas as to when and where!

The same stands for your writing. You just need to peek inside and then you’ll know!

And still if you do not get your answer, just sit down, relax and arm yourself with a pen and paper…and 123…..

Start scribbling or writing!!!!

And then you’ll know, the best time to write is:


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