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Fixing A Goal For Your Writing  

Fixing A Goal For Your Writing
Rome was not built in a day, and so is your work. A good piece of writing cannot be written on first attempt.

As I have always been telling my readers, constant practice and writing is the only key to a successful writer.

Just yesterday, my friend asked me, "You always keep telling me to write. But HOW MUCH do I write?". This got me thinking.

What I do is follow a plan. In the beginning of the year, I set an objective for my writing. I fix a goal to finish three good pieces of my personal writing each week. It keeps me busy in my leisure time and also helps me improve my writing skills.

One can plan as he/she wishes and is suitable for him/her. If you are not too busy to devote much time, you can fix a goal of finishing five pieces a week. Or you can settle down on a monthly basis, of finishing thirty to fifty pages of your novel or anything you wish. Even making a yearly plan comes in handy to our busy-bees.

The first thing to get down to is to make the plan or objective. While doing so, keep in mind what you write, how and when. Remember how much time you can devote each day and find a suitable goal.

But the most important part of this is to stick to you timetable. No use making overambitious plans and goals just to build castles in the air!

Just try my idea once and share the result with me here. I'd be glad to hear the pros or cons.

The comment section awaits you :)

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    1. Vinz aka Vinu  

      i doubt..

      i mean does planning and acting as per that actually brings gud write ups..?

      atleast i can never plan and write a gud write just a flow...


    2. Meghna  

      @ Vinu- Hey....welcome back :)
      Just try it out once....words flow....but it's different to some people...if you don't plan/sit to write, how'll they flow?

    3. Dr.Mani  

      Great advice. I set goals for almost everything I do, including writing. For my kind of work, the goals are often project-driven - I set 'finish by' dates, and then break down the daily/weekly goals to fit them. Was it Confucius who said: "If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there"

      All success

    4. Anonymous  

      Have an objective for your writings: Point taken and I agree. Rewriting: I don't believe in it. Write just once, and read again for mistakes. That is how I do it. For, you can never improve a thought. My take is this and that I how I approach my writings. Cheers!

    5. Meghna  

      @ Dr Mani- It's so great to know the secret finally :P

      I'm gonna follow that too from today then, for my studies! Thanks a're a great help as usual....don't have words to tell how obliged I am!!

    6. Meghna  

      @ Kulpreet- That's also interesting. I cannot say you are wrong for you aren't! Rethinking over what is written is not what you prefer, eh?

    7. esp  

      dear meghna... firstly... you are very sweet in ur words...thankyou so much..

      second.. meghna is my fav name... if i am ever going to have a daughter i am going to name her meghna..

      third...i am amazed at the way you are wrting at the bare age of thriteen.. had't even thought about it when i was that old.. i am not much of a writer..but still try my hand sometimes at it.. and believe me its not easy...

      beautiful work.. only the first two posts of yours have got me praising...

      god bless you.. and keep writing like this..

      you will be one of the best indian writers in the coming years..

      keep smiling :)

    8. anirudh  

      in case you are wondering.. esp is me..

      had signed in from office account

      anirudh here.

      thank you so much for your words

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