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My Writing Inspirations  

Writing Inspirations

Reading my creative writing blog, Delve Into The Mind Of A Budding Blogger, many people have questioned me about my inspiration and ideas for writing? Where do I get the ideas? How do I cultivate them?

So today I decided to share it with you!

Inspirations for writing a story, poem or any other kind of article/ write-up depends upon a writer. Different writers acquire ideas by different ways.

For me, my ambience, the things happening around are enough to provide an idea.

Often writing prompts on the web are a big help!

I prefer writing while sitting in my garden, for the lovely blooming flowers and the beautiful view outside is a good source of inspiration.

My personal journal or diary is the biggest help, Flipping through the pages gives a number of ideas that keep swarming in the head!

It just depends on a person. If you observe and notice what happens around you might get a multitude of ideas, and then all is up to you, how you present it and how you develop the story line!

As I shared my ideas and inspirations, I would love to know how you get an idea for a particular story. Please post comments telling me about your sources for writing.

Reading Helps Improve Your Writing  


How did you learn to speak? By listening to others. How did you learn to walk? By watching others? How did you learn to eat and drink? By seeing how others do it.
So how will you learn to write? By reading!

That’s the logical and simplest answer of all. Many people believe that a writer is born but unfortunately, they are utterly mistaken.

A reader may be born, and thus develops a writer. If you want to write, you need to read!!
Reading a book is not utterly necessary. You can read the newspaper, scholarly articles on the net, poems, and other people’s works of fiction (like short stories). They may help improve your vocabulary and expose you to new writing styles.

Reading not only improves writing and knowledge but gives you an idea of the craft! It is important to read good books and retain them. You cannot absorb new ideas, improve vocabulary or writing unless you read.

Read, read and read…..that’s the best thing to do to improve writing.

Thinking further, I wouldn’t even have thought of writing until I read. Books are the gem of a writer’s life. They are far more valuable than a large pot of gold!

So reading is thus the basic for writing and a writer cannot improve until he reads!
Writing a mystery novel is not possible unless you read a mystery novel. A book/story is not born out of the air.

Only reading a book and forgetting about it may not help always.

When reading, always keep in mind to identify the genre and the author. Do a bit of additional research on the book, by reading reviews on the net. In a notepad, copy down the new words or phrases or sentences that you liked. Write your own thoughts about the book. Think how you could have molded it better.

I hope these tips help. Please share your ideas through comments!

The Deep End Of The Ocean- by Jacquelyn Mitchard  

The Deep End Of The Ocean

Recently one of my friends presented me with a book called The Deep End Of The Ocean written by Jacquelyn Mitchard.

Frankly, at first sight, I had not heard much about the author nor the book. Searching Wikipedia, I got good reviews and decided to go on reading the book.

And I’m glad I made that decision, for it was certainly a wonderful book. One which leaves an indelible impression on the mind.

It has a strange, enthralling storyline like you’ve never thought before.

The Deep End of the Ocean is a best-selling novel by Jacquelyn Mitchard, published in 1996. It is the wonderful story of a normal American middle class family that is having it’s share of problems in daily life.

But suddenly, their lives are torn apart when the youngest son is kidnapped. Wisconsin photographer and housewife Beth Cappadora is excited about a her high school reunion. She leaves her youngest son, Ben, alone with his older brother for a brief moment in a crowded Chicago hotel lobby. The older brother let go of Ben’s hand and when Beth returns…..her son has disappeared. Just vanished out of the blue!

Mental breakdown leads to shunning of her life and it is left to her husband -owner of a restaurant, Pat, to force his wife to mechanically care for their remaining two children, 7-year-old Vincent and infant daughter Kerry.

The first half of the story is based on Beth and Pat and how they struggle with their lives. Beth loosing all hopes. A mother, who feels that she has failed her lost son and her family. She feels stifled from the sympathy that she receives from people around her, yet without them she could never face the world again and try to move on. Friends and relatives frantically on the lookout for young Ben. The Police force helping as much as  possible. Pat, on the other hand, positive and determined not loose life.

After nine years of struggle, the Cappadora family somehow manages to hold ground and has moved to Chicago. One day a young boy named Sam asks Beth if she needs the lawn mowed. And the unimaginable happens…….Ben lands up to be Sam.

The rest of the story revolves around how Ben adjusts to his new life, his attachment to his guardian father. The scenes between Vincent (and Ben) , who is not ready to accept a new brother, who feels guilty and some feelings that cannot be described…..are the most interesting.

The author has done a really unimaginable commendable job, writing from the thoughts of a teenager and a strangled mother. The book is certainly worth a read and I am sure you’ll praise it too!

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