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How To Keep Your Writing Simple? - Avoid Redundant Words  

How To  Keep Your Writing Simple? - Avoid Redundant Words

Seeing my writings at Delve Into The Mind Of A Budding Blogger, many readers have told me that complicated and unnecessary words dilute my message. After learning, I share with you all that any writer must try to avoid redundant words. Use short sentences and avoid complexity of your write-ups.

This stands true, not only for writers but all bloggers, for readers mostly skim through your posts and not spend their eternity on them. Moreover, shunning exaggeration results in saving space, which can be put to better use.

I am sure many may have advised you on this. But, as you know, you have to make sure at the same time that fewer words contribute to meaning and clarity. If you are in a difficult situation, I can understand as I am passing through such a phase now. And I tried to find how can I implement them.

Recently, I came across an excellent article on this topic at Cute Writing, which gives great advice on how to do these, with examples:

An extract from the blog clearly depicts it....for more, please click on the name of the blog and read this excellent post in detail.

Using Active Voice Instead of Passive

Eg:John was attacked by ruffians on the pathway.

Ruffians attacked John on the pathway.

Using Strong Verbs

Eg: Jim started to feel the pain when he became conscious.

Jim felt the pain when he regained consciousness.

Shun Redundant Words

Eg: Jennifer found her fiancé, whom she will soon marry.

Jennifer found her fiancé.

A sentence should always contain only necessary words, a paragraph and no unnecessary sentences. This article on Use Simple Words explains how to control the tendency to use complicated sentences.

I give you below, an extract from the blog. To read more, please visit the blog.

Write your texts with simplicity in mind. Once finished, read through the whole text and underline the words that you think some people might find complicated. Remember you are writing for a wide audience and not everybody has the same skills or knowledge to understand difficult words.

I have done my job and it is now up to you to implement them. I hope you all benefit from this!

Please share with us whether you use unnecessary words unnecessarily :)


  1. DJ  

    Its a informative one ......

    really ,,, we should keep our post
    sweet and simple ....

    nice post Meghna .,...

  2. Meghna  

    @ Dj- Glad you think so...and also glad you agree :)


  3. Zawan  

    hey Meghz, thank you for your kind words on the school episode.
    people with different cultures should learn from each other, not become enemies...
    that reminded me of your post long ago about THE KIDS OF THE FUTURE, because those certainly are not...

  4. Meghna  

    @ Zawan- I agree....students of different cultures and religions should learn from each other and more importantly, respect each other. I'm glad you remember the post:0 If they aren't right now, I hope reading your post, they will make an attempt!!!

  5. vijay_chandra_mouli  

    hi meghana,
    nice to see all your blogs. This blog's nice and really useful for beginners(bloggind and writing anything non-technical) like me. Hope to see/read more of good stuff in your blog pages.

  6. Meghna  

    vijay - Thank you very much for dropping by and say these encouraging words. I agree that kids are so much into technical stuff these days. Hope to see you more. Thanks.

  7. mira rafi  

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