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Angels And Demons- by Dan Brown  

Angels And Demons- by Dan Brown

Since my exams are over, I am now freely indulging myself into new books and have recently finished reading Dan Brown's prequel to The Da Vinci Code- Angels and Demons. And oh my! It certainly was an exhilarating read.

I'm an avid Dan Brown fan now, after reading all four of his books. Though his books are controversial, I tell you....they are certainly worth a read. The science fiction is stupefying as usual and so is the mystery. Angels And Demons is the first adventure of the Harvard Symbiologist (professor of religious iconology and art history at Harvard University), Robert Langdon.

Robert, receives the most peculiar call in the middle of the night from Maximilian Kohler. Kohler is the director of CERN, the world's largest scientific research facility in Geneva, Switzerland. Langdon has a rapid trip to Geneva on his call which he hoped would be over soon....but one knows that a call from the director that too at the dead of the night cannot be just-so-usual!

Reaching CERN's mesmerizing premises, he learns that one of their top physicists had been murdered, with his chest branded with the word "Illuminati." Since Langdon is an expert on the ancient secret society known as the Illuminati, he's asked to help solve the murder. And as the mystery unfold, with unexpected twists and turns, it takes you on the most exciting and blood curdling tour of the modern world.

All packed with loads of action with the antimatter bomb and a lady like Vittoria Vetra, with the Vatican City at stake....there's not time to loose as Langdon and Vetra get head deep into the search of the old unforgettable Satanist cult, Illuminati and unveil an astounding story!

The four cardinals,(the most worthy predecessors of the Pope whose recent death brought forth the conclave to choose a new pope), are kidnapped and missing. The Illuminati phones and tells them that they have four hours until midnight before the antimatter explodes and destroys the City and each cardinal would be branded and killed in the four sacred Illuminati churches and branded with the Illuminati symbols on their chest.

The fate of the Vatican, the cardinals and CERN....all lies in the hands of the two, Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra. Will they be able to save the place in time? Will they succeed??

I tell you should read the book. This is one of the best thrillers I have read, where scientific matters are explained in such a way that even laymen can understand. As Dale Brown says, ANGELS & DEMONS IS ONE HELL OF A BOOK.

A not- to -miss suspense and watch your heart beat grow crazier with every page turned.

But that is what I have found. What about you?


  1. aritri  

    seriously its a awesum buk one if d finest creation by Brown..

  2. Meghna  

    @ Aritri- I'd still say Deception Point is his best though this comes second in my list :)

  3. Zawan  

    I think I should start reading Dan Brown too...
    congratulations for reading all 4 books. I didn't know they were a series of books-I thought each book had its own story and characters.
    which one is your favorite?

  4. Meghna  

    @ Zawan- I guess you's like them! Dan Brown has written four books until now but they aren't series. They are different books, as you guessed....with different characters. But two books, Angels And Demons and Da Vinci Codes are series!

    Hope you understood :)

  5. Zawan  

    Ok, thanks for the info meghna.
    BTW, have you checked Dan Brown's site? It's great! it has pictures, information on his bokks, etc. it's a nice site to hang out at:

  6. Meghna  

    @ Zawan- You are welcome....I'm a daily reader of his site and I love surely is a cool place :P

  7. Anonymous  

    I had read the book long back, and except few pages/chapters had liked it... sometimes though it was really far-fetched...

    will try out Deception Point, have not read it yet...

  8. Meghna  

    @ Kunal- I guess you should catch up and I bet you'll love it :P


  9. --xh--  

    among all his work, this is the best one. at lest, this one and DaVinci code didn't feel like a complete money waste like Deception point and the other one...

  10. Meghna  

    @ BB- I guess I disagree...all his books are paisa wasool according to me and Deception point was better than this too :)

  11. sawan  

    meghna, agre withh whatever u say about Dan Brown. He is a genious. I read The DaVinci code the third time last week.. Try to get your hands on "Holy Blood And The Holy Grail" written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln.
    ISBN : 0 09 968241 9

    you would love it if u are a serious reader.


  12. (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯)  

    no, i have not forgotten you... I have just not been around blogs that much at all.

    I should certainly read these books. I have not tried but heard so much about them :-)

  13. Anonymous  

    very true !! one great book!!!

    i would any day prefer angels and demons to any other dan's book ;)

  14. Meghna  

    @ Sawan- I totally agree that he is a genius!! Third time?? WOW!!!
    No, I haven't read it but I'll try to get hold of it....sound too serious by name LOL!


    Thanks :)

  15. Meghna  

    @ Raaji- Glad to hear that :0
    Don't tell me YOU haven't read them?? You'll enjoy them certainly :0

  16. Meghna  

    @ aparnata- I bet billion bucks on that :)

  17. mayz  

    oh this is d best book by dan brown...i say even better than da vinci code....this one totally rocks

  18. Meghna  

    @ Mayz- I agree :0 Da Vinci Code was great but I didn't like the ending though!!

  19. RayRay..  

    I began reading Dan Brown a few years ago
    (before the creation of DaVinci Code)
    and I read Angels and Demons, which is what drew me to the rest of his books.
    I read Davinci Code second, as it is technically written for after Angels and Demons, and it also gives a better understanding for the characters.
    His other individual books are great though.
    I highly recommend reading these intelligently written thrillers!

  20. Meghna  

    @ Rayray- Totally! Am so glad to have found another fan :P

  21. Usama Lali -lujah!  

    Hi I like your blog, just addedd to my blogroll :)
    Anyways I ve Dan Brown's all the novels except Digita; Fortress waiting to be read sittin on the shelf....

    Do visit my blog too

    do drop a comment if you like. maybe post that wodehouse insult generator widget here on this blog...?

  22. Anonymous  

    oh,my cretive dan you had written good fiction but it is different from others.And i hope in near future you write more fition like angels and demond and da vinci code......

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