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Charles Dickens- Clothes Ripped Off!!!  

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens has always been my evergreen favorite author for his brilliant works which one cannot resist. But it is not only today that we realize his worth and extol him, it has been so even in the past years. Dickens has been the most famous author who ever lived.....and the only one who had his clothes ripped off by fans!!! You can read more about the famous author on Wikipedia.

It has been said that if there was ever a magazine for celebrities at that time, Dickens would certainly have featured on the front page of something called "Fashion from Boston"! He was certainly a very Mr. Popular. While in New York, Charles complained that he had multitude of followers as soon as he turned into the street.

Nonetheless he enjoyed his celebrity status. But did you all know that Charles Dickens had his clothes ripped off by crazy book fans at that time. I'm sure he's even famous than any other celebrity of our time, having clothes ripped off!

If this news has intrigued you and you posses any similar bizarre information about the author, I would be glad to hear it. Please do share you thoughts with me through your valuable comments!

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  1. Zawan  

    I can't believe this, it's hilarious...
    I've seen a movie yesterday called Amadeus, which is about Mozart.
    He's not what you think. in the movie he was totally ridiculous and light-headed
    you'd expect historical people to be proper and etc but that's not always true!

  2. Meghna  

    @ Zawan- Exactly....we expect them to be kinda un-human ancient beings but they're actually like us, eh? LOL!

    Thanks for the lovely comment dear and I'm gonna watch that movie soon!

  3. Kiran Sawhney  

    hi, i have read his works. but do not have any such info about him.

  4. Meghna  

    Hi Kiran....I hope this was exciting to you, then :)

  5. Meghna  

    @ Kiran- Yea... of course...I hope you enjoyed reading this bizarre fact :)

  6. kimberly  

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