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Charles Dickens and the Rotten Eggs!  

We all know that Charles was a fabulous writer. But I can already see your questioning eyes asking me what he has to do with rotten eggs, eh? He had a great career in writing, but Charles aspired to be something else, something different! He wanted to be a comic actor! Ah! That’ is what I call a true perfectionist!

If you want to read more about this famous author, you can read it at Wikipedia. And if by any chance, Charles Dickens is your favorite author, you can try to download his novels here.

But unfortunately he was not too good at this! Never afraid of a bit of showing off, Charles would pay theater managers to allow him to act on stage in front of rowdy
London audiences. But the audience didn’t appreciate it. Eventually he gave up the idea of a career in acting but he continued with amateur dramatics all his life. I suppose he should stick to writing those well known novels rather than let rotten eggs be thrown at him while on stage!

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