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This blog is about writing, writing & writing. Whenever I stumble upon some useful facts about writing, I will put them before you for the contemplation, judgment and examination of my esteemed readers. In between. I will also try to give you excellent writing tips and advices given by some successful writers and also bring your attention to some writing prompts, some wonderful aids and softwares which enable you to enhance your long lasting writing experiences.

Apart from mentioning all aspects of writing, I would love to discuss some interesting books which I come across. I am always drawn towards the lives of interesting aspects of the famous authours of these books. So I will come up with some of the lesser known bizarre facts from those parts of their lives which I am certain will amuse and interest you.

The topics for this blog have been chosen with care and consideration and this reflects my passion for these subjects. I will regularly try to research on the topics, as there is always something new out there. I believe that it involves a lot of hard work, patience, persistence to read, assimilate and formulate my content.

I have started to blog with the idea of improving my writing and helping other amateur writers and also to take tips from established writers. Just like famous actors do not directly act in a movie, they practice and experiment and when at last they succeed; they get a role. Similarly my blog is trying to practice and experiment with my writing.

Hope you enjoy reading it!