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Ten Foreign Words or Phrases  

French, Latin or even Russian words used in English Literature have often confused and troubled me, thus compelling me to research and find their meanings. For you convenience here is a list of ten most commonly used foreign words:

  1. au fait (French): having a good or detailed knowledge

  1. bona fide (Latin): genuine; real

  1. carte blanche (French): complete freedom to act as one wishes

  1. de facto (Latin): in fact, whether by right or not

  1. déjà vu (French): the sense of having experienced the present situation before

  1. prima facie (Latin): accepted as so until proved otherwise

  1. faux pas (French): an embarrassing blunder or indiscretion

  1. joie de vivre (French): exuberant enjoyment of life

  1. haute couture ((French): the designing and making of clothes by leading fashion houses

  1. grande dame (French): a woman who is influential within a particular sphere