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Writing Prompts  

Writing prompts are very useful to give you ideas when you have none. They can help you start with a story or help you to continue when you are stuck in the middle of one.

Prompts give instant writing practice and help produce good work. Somet
hing you have written for practice can be good but it is not necessary it would be perfect every time. One should write daily not for some great masterpiece but as a daily ritual for practice. One should practice everyday and try to improve and this is how great artists do it!

The more you write, the more you like it and the better you get at it. Never be scared of words, using strange ideas and dialogues! Remember, if you do not like the result, nobody will ever see it but you. The aim is to enable yourself to have freedom with the language and developing the creative spark in you!

I think writing prompts are a really enjoyable way to practice writing and provide myself with ideas. When I searched the internet, I found many prompts but they began with Write about a day when…. Being a fantasy lover, they were not very amusing for me!

Now that you know how useful these writing prompts can be, I am providing you all with some sites where you can find valuable writing prompts::

  • is a great site which provides you with excellent writing prompts on a daily basis as they are arranged conviniently in a monthwise order.
  • If you are not comfortable with the prompts you find, you can also make your own prompts which can be meant for other writers of the same genere. You can also let your creativity flow through this way!
  • CanTeach writing prompts/journal contain topcs which also provide valuable writing prompts.
  • Random Logline Generator provides you with motivaing topics for your stories.
  • Pumping Your Muse Prompts has prompts on a daily basis too and you can also post your original creations here1
  • Story Spinner is a fun place to try where you can find a starting phrase, setting, situation, word etc.

Let your creativity flows ........

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  1. Cinderella.  

    OMG..I just read your profile..and you're just 12 ????!!!!!
    So so cute cutey..
    And I love your blog...and lemme tell you, it really doesnt look like that of a 12 year old's !!
    I'm gonna come again.

  2. Majik  

    Hi Meghna,
    You are so right about how useful writing prompts are. I use them almost on a daily basis. Even if I am not posting to one of my blogs I am usually working on one of them getting the next post ready for its debut. Keep up the good work!

  3. catherine  

    Hi meghna,
    You have provided some useful information and links to writing prompts. Do you practice them on a daily basis? Looks like very useful and everybody should get a place to horn their skills from these. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Asmita  

    u r 12??? OMG!

  5. Sahefa  

    Great blog dude:-D

  6. --xh--  

    hey l'll sis, itz realy a great way to get more creative... go and write more- waiting to read more and more of your stories...

  7. brocasarea  

    surprised to know ur age!!:).....u have good writing skills [ and ur name sounds good ]:)

  8. Meghna  

    Hi Cinderella,
    Yes, I am just 12 and so I am glad you are impressed :D! Thanks for the compliments......

  9. Meghna  

    Hi Majik,
    I am glad to know that you are another writing prompts lover! I am glad you use them and practice...I am certain the posts are coming out nice! :D

  10. Meghna  

    Hi Catherine,
    I am glad you found the information useful! I do try to practice daily and it certainly hones my skills!
    Thanks :D

  11. Meghna  

    Hi Asmit,
    Yes, just 12 yet! :D

  12. Meghna  

    Hi Sahefa,
    Thanks :D

  13. Meghna  

    Hi Anoop,
    I am glad you think so...You will be reading more on the other blog :D

  14. Meghna  

    Hi pratap,
    Thanks :D

  15. heather (errantdreams)  

    Thank you for the pointers to these wonderful resources! I'm always looking for more writers' prompts.

  16. Meghna  

    Hi heather,
    I am glad they could be of use to you! Thanks :D

  17. Manictastic  

    Yeah, prompts are a good way to help you write something. I like

  18. Meghna  

    Hi manic,
    Thanks for giving this link. I will read this site soon. Thanks a lot once again!

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