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Marker - by Robin Cook  

Marker is an exhilarating medical thriller written by the renowned author, Robin Cook. The novel has a well developed plot with a remarkable and truly well written ending! Robin Cook shares his thoughts about the medical system in the States, the nursing shortage and faults about the health care through this novel. The novel is written with the signature intermingling of suspense and science, and the author delivers a stimulating page-turner as stunning as today's news.

A chain of deaths at Manhattan General Hospital keeps Laurie indulged in her work even more than before while she tackles her troubling relationship with Dr. Jack Stapelton.She then finds the case of a twenty-eight year old boy who only had a minor foot injury but died due to no particular reason. Next in line was a woman who also died with a naive knee surgery giving no apparent evidence of her death. Laurie finds these cases very puzzling and thinks that they are related. Suddenly she discovers the bizarre truth…..There is a serial killer operating in Manhattan General!

As more cases keep arriving, Laurie detects that there are only three things common between all the deceased. They are young, healthy and new subscribers of the AmriCare. Laurie toils day and night to find the reason and the person behind these cold blooded murders. As the mystery keeps unraveling, Laurie tangles between her personal life and the strange job at hand. Determined to find the culprit she goes into deep dimensions.

I enjoyed reading this book like the other thrillers of the same author. This book fulfills the curiosity of the young souls who want to know more about the modern medical scenario and provides a bone-chilling mystery too!

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  1. Peter Pie  

    Hi meghna,
    Though I'm a fan of Robin Cook, I haven't got the opportunity to read Marker so far. Looks like an interesting read and I have to get a copy to read soon. You have reviewed the book in a good manner. Keep it up!

  2. Meghna  

    Hi peter,
    I am glad to find another Robin Cook fan here. Marker is a great read and I am certain you will enjoy it! Thanks a lot :D

  3. --xh--  

    meghz, nice review. havn't read much of cooks books...nad kind of not much impressed with what i have read by him...

    if you like fiction, try some of Frederick Forsyth, robert ludlum, Alistair MacLean (where eagles dare),Jack Higgins. I hope you will like them...

  4. Meghna  

    Hi Anoop,
    Everyone has different choices, I believe! I like Cook's books. I have not read the books you have suggested but as you say, I will try to lay my hands on them soon enough!

  5. footiam  

    Sounds like a great book!

  6. Meghna  

    Hi footiam,
    Thank you for dropping by!!

  7. catherine  

    Hi Meghna,
    No, I haven't yet read any of Robin Cook's books; but have heard about it. Looks like interesting. Nicely reviewed.

  8. brocasarea  

    to be frank inspite of being in medical field i dont like his books..only book i ahve read till now is chromosome 6..but will try this one...and u try David Baldacci books ..they are too good!

  9. abinash  

    hey hey. Nice stuff in there. I like the book titles of Robin Cook. Always monosyllable.

  10. Meghana  

    omg !
    i am so happy to have found a fellow robin cook lover,i have read most of his books and he is the only one who interests me in this genre-medical mysteries :)

    i love all his books-brain,coma being the best of em,for beginners,pls read
    either of them,u will be hooked

    and yeah,chromosome is not really his best work :)

    btw meghna,do u have any plans of becomin a doc,curious due to the lean towards medical mysteries :)

  11. savage  

    hey nice review. but you know what, the problem with cook is that though his books are great, a certain character called laurie montgomery who keeps popping up in his books, is puke inducing. his laurie free books are awesome though. i especially like abduction. cheerio!

  12. Meghna  

    Hi broca,
    Read David....liek both of try more of cook!!

  13. Anonymous  

    HI OMG I LOVE ROBIN COOK!! lol I've read Acceptable Risk and that actually is my favorite book of all time, So far,. I'm currently reading VECTOR, I love it but a little slow. What other books of Robin's do you HIGHLY recommend. I love reading and have read over 30 books in my life, and I'm only 16! =)

  14. Rajeev  

    Hi Meghna,

    Nice review..!! I'm an avid fan of Robin Cook and wanted to read through this one (Marker), though I've finished most of his earlier novels..!! After reading the review, I'm just dying to get my hands on this one..!!

    Thanks :-)


  15. Kshitij Sovanee  

    Well Marker was really an exceptional book...perhaps the best after Coma ....certainly got me thinking regarding contemporary health care and health insurance...Robin Cook really has brought his best to tge table with the iconic three characters: Dr Jack Stapleton, Dr Laurie Montgomery and Lieutenant Lou Soldano...

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