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Three Men In A Boat- by Jerome K Jerome  

Three Men In A Boat- by Jerome Kafka Jerome

I had a chapter while in junior school adapted from one of the stories in the book 'Three Men In A Boat- by Jerome K. Jerome'. And I remember how it had fascinated me, thus I vowed to read the whole book.

And I was overjoyed when I could lay my hands on it. Jerome K. Jerome has a sense of humor much possessed by modern writers but lost in the old ones. The book is based on the adventures of the three friends (Jerome, George, Harris- not to mention the dog, Montmorency ) on the river Thames, between Kingston and Oxford, in a boat.

He wrote it after returning form his honeymoon where his wife was replaced by his friend George Wingrave (George) and Carl Hentschel (Harris). This allowed him to create comic (and non-sentimental) situations which were nonetheless intertwined with the history of the Thames region.

And as I told you, the humorous element has the whole charm in a book which is missing in all classic books. The jokes seem fresh, relevant and witty even today. The adventures of the three friends are all real but the dog, a major part stands fictional but according to Jerome his emotions and a tad bit of biography of his lies within the part of the dog.

The journey has many funny and sentimental instances of their adventures. It is a purely enjoyable book for every book lovers, and in that I do not deter from saying- modern. The incidents in the book seem really authentic which helps the reader connect.

Though, I do not blame you if you get bored of reading it after a while. As all old writers, Jerome too has the habit of accentuating minor points and increasing the length of the story. But I know you’ll be tempted to read on.

So go, grab a copy, immerse yourself and have a good laugh and enjoy yourself.


  1. sakhi  

    i haven't read this one but tempted me to go get the copy and read it! But i have a long list still pending so don't know when will i be able to do so! :) but will read it surely!

  2. Zawan  

    looks like a nice, hilarious book.
    if u haven't read Animal Farm by George Orwell, I totally recommend it for you. It's a very funny, classic fairytale

  3. Meghna  

    @ Sakhi- I know that feeling!!! First complete the list and when there's one less...add this one :)

  4. Meghna  

    @ Zawan- it when I was in the 4th standard!! Loved it absolutely!!! Thanks :)

  5. Zawan  

    good for u

  6. Meghna  

    @ Zawan- :P

  7. Dhananjay Kumar  

    your expln yielding me 2 this book ...

    hw r u ????

  8. Matangi Mawley  

    i ve read this book.. like- long back! :) i enjoyed it so much back then.. tht i wanted my dad to read it.. since tht was a library book, which i read, i bought a copy of the book and couriered it to my dad ! to my surprise, i received a courier frm my dad, the next day- i found this book inside. a week later, dad called me- we were both laughing for nearly 10 mins! can never forget this book!

  9. d SINNER!!!  

    havent read him!!!

  10. Meghna  

    @ Dhananjay- Doing great until exams :P

  11. Meghna  

    @ Matangi- WOW! Coincidence....and such a funny one :) A whole family loves this book now...may you never forget it!!!

  12. Meghna  

    @ Neha- Hey....go grab a copy now :)

  13. Chaggoholic....  

    Hv heard so much about this one.Shud read pretty soon....

  14. vishwanath  

    only 13, too young for blogging!!!
    But I want to say great job!!!

  15. Usama Lali  

    Dude you're 13 and you think you're young for blogging?! I've been blogging successfully for about a year now d just turned 14.

    @ the post.
    I've read this book. My Plum (Wodehouse) lover cousin gifted it to me and I really think Jerome is a comic genius although not greater then Wodehouse... I recommend this to anybody who knows how to laugh...

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