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My Writing Inspirations  

Writing Inspirations

Reading my creative writing blog, Delve Into The Mind Of A Budding Blogger, many people have questioned me about my inspiration and ideas for writing? Where do I get the ideas? How do I cultivate them?

So today I decided to share it with you!

Inspirations for writing a story, poem or any other kind of article/ write-up depends upon a writer. Different writers acquire ideas by different ways.

For me, my ambience, the things happening around are enough to provide an idea.

Often writing prompts on the web are a big help!

I prefer writing while sitting in my garden, for the lovely blooming flowers and the beautiful view outside is a good source of inspiration.

My personal journal or diary is the biggest help, Flipping through the pages gives a number of ideas that keep swarming in the head!

It just depends on a person. If you observe and notice what happens around you might get a multitude of ideas, and then all is up to you, how you present it and how you develop the story line!

As I shared my ideas and inspirations, I would love to know how you get an idea for a particular story. Please post comments telling me about your sources for writing.


  1. rampantheart  

    I don't write on paper anymore. The ideas just flow when I open my blog editor! :) It's good to know that you write in your garden. That's awesome! Don't ever rely too much on technology. ;)

    There isn't a particular "formula" to get post ideas. Sadly, most people dont know this. Write, practise and you'll know the difference. None gets it right at first!

  2. Meghna  

    @ R- Exactly! Just sit and he ideas flow out....and if they don't, you just need some practice...right?

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