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The Best Time To Write!  

The Best Time To Write!

There are always people asking me how to decide when is the best time to write? How to decipher when your mind is at its creative best and when it can provide the maximum result?

It was then that I decided to write this post.

First, get down to thinking which ambience soothes you best. Some like the early morning bloom, or some the late night moon….some the musical melodies and some prefer the quiet parody.

What do you like? When do you let your mind relax the best?

Or question yourself as to when do you enjoy reading a book?

Some like that late at night, someone the morning ….. and others have diverse ideas as to when and where!

The same stands for your writing. You just need to peek inside and then you’ll know!

And still if you do not get your answer, just sit down, relax and arm yourself with a pen and paper…and 123…..

Start scribbling or writing!!!!

And then you’ll know, the best time to write is:


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    1. Reniii  

      Hi there!
      i really liked your post!
      you make me feel like sitting right now
      and start writting!
      i prefer the afternoon and night
      but i can do it whenever i want

    2. Anonymous  

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    3. anirudh  

      wow... beautiful post...

      thanku so much for these tips lil gal...!!

    4. Meghna  

      @ Renata- I'm glad!! I hope you do :)
      That's good you know....!

    5. Meghna  

      @ Future mantra- thanks for dropping by. I'll surely visit the place...thanks for sharing :)

    6. Meghna  

      @ Anirudh- Thanks!!!

    7. AMIT  

      I really like your post.Thanks for it Meghna.

      Meridian real estate

    8. princessparkle  

      Great Post!

      I write when my pen in full of ink or my mind full of words. I'm too lazy to mide's running out of words-I must stop now.


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