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One Step Forward  

One of my favorite writing blogs is ‘One Step Forward’ which is written by Legbamel an expert in this field. She rightly writes in her profile, “I blog about writing and grammar. Every so often, I throw in writing prompts, freelance job links and tips, and publishing opportunities. Less often, I actually write for money or work on my novel.”

The blog is enriched with posts on proper language usage with tips on improving your grammar. I loved to read Grammar Pet Peeves (which shows some sites for your elucidation and entertainment), I Told You Grammar Was Important (which points towards some entertaining grammar posts on other blogs), Using Commas in Your Dates (which gives some troubleshooting tips on how to punctuate the dates) etc.

Another section which interests me is none other than Writing Prompts. Posts like Writing Prompts and Exercises (look to writing exercises to loosen up those creative muscles) and Guides to Writing and Editing (look beyond grammar & spelling to get that virtual ink flowing again) are wonderful articles worth reading again and again!

How can I forget to mention about the Vocabulary posts where Legbamel not only gives tips for improving your vocabulary but also make it an interesting topic to look forward to like Beware the Wily Thesaurus (how too much thesaurus can be bad for your writing).

To sum it up, ‘One Step Forward’ is a one step blog to solve all your writing and language related queries covering various topics like grammar, vocabulary, writing tips, writing prompts, associated content, freelance writing and many other.

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  1. Bubbles of FireWhiskey  

    will definitely check this one out...

  2. Meghna  

    Hi bubbles,
    Yes, you should check this out and will find it very useful.

  3. Peter Pie  

    I read 'One step forward' and found it to be an inspiring site with lot of information. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Meghna  

    Hi peter,
    Thank you and am glad to know that you liked this interesting blog.

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