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Treasure Island - by Robert Louis Stevenson  

This is a classic novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Stories about sailors and treasures are always a stimulating read! I enjoyed this one too with it's touch of insanity and a streak of madness visible in most of the charachters. The story includes Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Ben Gunn, Dr. Livesey, and Captain Smollett. Jim, is a tough guy who is always trying to find a solution for problems.

Once a pirate called Billy Bones comes to stay at the inn belonging to the parents of Jim Hawkins. It's obvious that Bones is hiding from someone and one night he is tracked down by his enemies. A treasure map is subsequently discovered and Hawkins takes it to the local doctor and the local squire. They decide to go to the island in question to get the treasure but little do they know that Bones' enemies are on their trail. Plus the crew they have picked for their voyage have treachery on their mind, thanks to the chief crewmate called Long John Silver....

The story revolves around how Jim and his friends got out of the island before they get captured by the pirates. Dr. Livesey was the person who found the treasure and then gave the map to Long John Silver. Then he hatched a plot for the crew of Long John Silver. Fially Jim, Ben Gunn, Long John Silver, and Dr. Livesey escape the island.

They all did different kinds of things with there money and lived a comfortable life. Jim’s mother died and Jim stayed with the inn, and ended selling it to an English man.

I liked this book and especially the narraiton by Jim Hawkins. It was an exhilarating read and what I call a "true classic!"

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  1. --xh--  

    treasure island... it is indeed a good read... i red it during my school days, adn was quiet fascinated by the book :-) good to seeyou reading these boks, l'll sis.

  2. Bubbles of FireWhiskey  

    one of the first books i read... will always be special...

  3. Meghna  

    Hello Anoop,
    It is certainly an exhilarating read...I enjoyed reading every bit of it...Thanks, Big Bro...

  4. Tyro  

    "Treasure Island - by Robert Louis Stevenson"

    classic read.Always special.

  5. Meghna  

    Hi Tyro,
    A classic read of course :P

  6. Meghna  

    Hi Bubbles,
    Special for you and me too ;0

  7. aritri  

    ya treasure island got dat buk as a gift....thnx 4 visiting my blog...keep reading n writing...

  8. Meghna  

    Hi Aritri,
    Thanks for dropping by! A great gift, eh?

  9. Dr. Rob  

    I love your choice of books here. I really enjoy reading Robert Louis Stevenson. I found that years after I first read his works, I enjoyed rereading them. I now appreciate his writing with renenwed enthusiasm. We also share the same first and last name.

  10. Meghna  

    Hi Dr. Rob,
    Yes, Stevenson is a great writer and i enjoy reading his books. Glad to know that you love the selection of my books. btw, are you related to the great author by any chance? :)

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