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Langston Hughes  

Langston Hughes

Do you all know who Langston Hughes is? Langston Hughes was a poet and great writer whose works have been admired and looked upon by many amateurs. To read more on this famous African -American author and poet, please visit Wikipedia

The great poet, playwright, novelist, essayist or all-rounder in literary luminary, Langston Hughes achieved fame during the Harlem Renaissance. But do you know how or what he did earlier than that? I bet you do not, so I come here today to share some interesting tit-bits with you!

Before he became famous, Hughes was a common struggling writer, doing some or the other small job to support his promising poetry.

A common day in the year 1925, while working at a restaurant in Washington D.C., something got into him and Hughes arranged some of his poems under the dinner plate of then potent poet, Vachel Lindsay. The mesmerized and pleased Lindsay, shared the poems during his reading that night, and in the morning, Hughes was crowned Lindsay's new discovery, the "busboy poet."

By his hard work and talent, Hughes went on to become one of America's most prolific authors.

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  1. Anonymous  

    people have very strange ideas, thanks for sharing this amusing info

    have you read any of his books or peoms? i never heard of him, but i'll check him out on wikipedia now


  2. Meghna  

    @ Zawan- I have read an abridged book of his, when young! I hope you enjoy reading the books :)

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