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An Inspiring Award  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Deb, who has given me this very special Arte y Pico Award for my creativity and talent. I'm honored Deb!

Arte y Pico Award
:smiling: :proud: :happy:

(sorry- I can't tell you how I feel actually) :D

The meaning of Arte y Pico Award is something like: WOW! The best art. Over the top.

I cannot express my gratitude to you in words, Deb. Deb Gallardo is a wonderful writer with a writing blog that is very inspiring and creative. It's one of the best blogs I've read till date. I'm sure you all would enjoy visiting!

Thanks a lot Deb. I hope I can keep up the good work and deserve many more such awards.

Now, I would like to confer this award to some excellent writers. Here they are:

Joanna Young at Confident Writing
Susan Johnston at The Urban Muse
Linda Formichelli at The Renegade Writer Blog
James at Men With Pens
Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford

I am sure most of my readers might be regular visitors to these blogs. If not, have a look at them and enjoy reading.


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