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How To Find A Creative And Suitable Title  


Whether it be a webpage, a book, a short story or even business articles- first impressions are often made on the creativity of the titles. And as they say, first impressions are the best impressions.

Whatever you do, please understand that titles hook the reader. If surfing the net, the reader will not waste time on a title that reads Harry Potter but something that says, Harry Potter- the 8th Part! Everyone knows that there is no further sequel so the reader will be intrigued to read on.

Thus stands the creativity of the author in writing titles. Finding a creative and suitable title is pretty much a skill in itself.

Finished with a story and still confused about a suitable heading? This is a very common problem for me. So today I decided to share some tips with you that I prefer using when trapped in such a mess.

Usually, I read my write-up at at least thrice. It acts as a good revision, and along with, some lines or a phrase may strike you as a suitable title.

Be as tangy, wild and imaginative as possible. Go out to a garden, look around…..and who knows? But if yours is a moral article, often age old phrases are best preferred.

If nothing strikes you then too, then it is better to give your brain some rest and leave it alone for a day or two. Read your story again after a day and something is sure to thump you.

It’s often better to take help from friends. They might strike on the magic word you’ve been missing.

Or better, I’ve recently found many a sites for writing prompts which provide you with suitable headings based on which you form a story. I often use Serendipitous Story Title Generator or Title-O-Matic for this purpose

I hope these help! Do share your views and ideas.

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