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Small Wonder!  

Adora Svitak
Recently, I read an astonishing news which almost made me jump off my chair in surprise!

70 pounds and not an inch taller than 4 feet, but hey! don’t go by Adora Svitak’s size my friends…..for she stood proudly atop the stage addressing students of one of the best public high school at Chicago, which also counts Michelle Obama as one of the prestigious alumina, giving them advises on how to publish their books!

Yes!!! Can you believe it?

She stood lively in her pink pompom boots and sweat pants in a cherubic blue. It is supposed that almost 135 students listened with rapt attention to her words and most were encouraged and aspired to reach her level.

She told the students to become much more serious about their writing if their dream is to publish a book, and to limit their television time.

Just 11 years of age, and already the happy author of two published books, Adora from Redmond, Wash, was on cloud nine as she shared her experience as a writer with the students. She has already penned down more than 400 short stories and more than a dozen poems. She says that by the ripe age of 4, she conquered the art of reading chapter books and started writing soon enough. She has her own blog which you can visit by clicking here.

In a patent voice and gesticulations that contradict her age, Adora used prudent literary vocabulary like “protagonist,” “conflict” and “plot” as easily as girls her age use words for their favorite pop stars and television shows.

Adora, prefers watching nightly newscasts and reading fantasy, historical fiction and biographies than sitting in front of the idiot-box.

I just wish I was as smart as her. All I can do now is look up to her as an inspiration!


  1. flo  

    Interesting.. And she's a teacher to boot... Her sister is also a child prodigy I believe. Just can't imagine that kind of talent...

  2. Meghna  

    @ Flo- I know!!! Unimaginable, ain't it?
    Glad you liked it!

  3. wisewit  

    Don't put yourself down too much! You seem pretty smart to me. I did notice some problems in your writing, but you seem to have a better command of written English than a lot of you teenagers I've known.


  4. Meghna  

    @wisewit- Thank you for dropping by, commenting and encouraging me! Hope you may help me to improve my writing too. Thanks.

  5. Mia  

    " Imagination is far greater than Knowledge " , as I am certain you know the quote and the man behind it . DO not wish to be as " smart as her " [ Adora ] , for I believe that you are equally gifted and far more intelligent than most 60 yr olds out there ! You are a great writer - and dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise ( they are just jealous ! ) . Every person [ writer ] has their own personal style - dont hope to be like someone else - but rather , develop a style of your own . Keep writing from the Heart and use the Mind for editing purposes & you will not fail :) You will go far in life young Meghna :) put on some comfortable shoes & keep walking towards a bright successful future !
    Take good care , I will drop in on you again :)

  6. Anonymous  

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