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­Creative Writing Corner

'Creative Writing Corner' is one of the blogs that is­ about writing and enjoyable to read too. It is a fabulous place where you can read from books to movies! It contains all the posts which help you in writing a good piece of work. The blog is owned by Blair Hurley who is a creative writer herself.

This blog also helps you in learning the correct usage of substances in your post. One of her recent posts, How To Use Weather In Your Writing, is a good example. The blog is also for amateur writers who can get valuable tips. In one of her recent posts, School Is Near The End! What Are Your Creative Writing Plans?, Blair gives good ideas to spend our ongoing summer vacations! One of her posts, The Three P's is a good example about the elements in a story.

The blog also has a post on how reading can help you improve your writing prowess. This blog is a good read in it­self, and written by a college undergraduate herself, has a spunk of immense creativity.

To sum it up, The Creative Writing Corner is a great place for all writers and wannabe authors!


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    Good post here. Creativity begins with understanding of our experiences and applying them to writing.

    Good luck sweetie!


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    I'm glad you visited and liked my blog. Very rightly said and I'll be waiting for your reply :P

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