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Zoho Writer  

Recently, with the help of my blogging buddies, I found an online word processor called Zoho Writer. It is a helpful place where you can share documents online and also post your documents to your blog without using the blogspot or wordpress editor. And all you need for this wonderful place is a browser and an internet connection, of course but you need not install any software to your desktop. But yes, you need to register with the Zoho Writer also!

With Zoho Writer, you can:
  1. Access, edit, share documents from anywhere
  2. Create, edit and re-format documents using our WYSIWYG editor
  3. Allow multiple users to work on a document simultaneously
  4. Import Microsoft Word (DOC), OpenOffice text (ODT & SXW), HTML, RTF, JPG, GIF PNG files
  5. Share documents with your friends or publish them for public view
And this is not it! Zoho Writer also has an extensive thesaurus with around ten languages which include English, Greek, German, Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Irish, Italian, French and of course, English...with more languages adding to this long list! To use this feature, you need to right-click on a word and select the thesaurus option from the pop up menu that appeared.

Any of you having problems posting with blogspot or wordpress could easily use Zoho Writer. And it could also be helpful for various other purposes. So go, check out this great site...... and hope this helps you all!


  1. arvind  

    Hi Meghna,

    Thanks for using Zoho Writer & the nice blog post introducing it to your readers!


    ps : we have met in twitter when @shahpriya tweeted about you :-)

  2. Meghna  

    Hi Arvind,
    Thank you! Zoho Writer is a great tool and so I wanted to introduce it to my readers too, and that's just what I did!

  3. Bubbles of FireWhiskey  

    this is great. bloggers been giving me problems. i'll be sure to check this out...

  4. Cinderella.  

    This was a great idea to try..
    Gonna check it out...

  5. Meghna  

    Hi Bubbles,
    Blogger is a bit problematic, and I thoguht this would help! I'm glad it did :P

  6. Meghna  

    Hi Cinderella,
    I hope it helps you!

  7. MS  

    You can use this for collaborative work with others too. The Common Craft Show explains the basics in their video about Google Docs (see YouTube), but it will work for Zoho too. Nice thing about Zoho is that they offer more kinds of online apps, including databases and spreadsheets. Anyway, the collaborative angle is what I find most exciting.

  8. Raptured Dreams  

    Good idea... I like that.. Thanks for visiting my site.. Do you want to exhange link? Just give me a shout if you are interested

  9. Meghna  

    Hi Mark,
    Yes, the collaborative manner is really enticing. I hope Zoho help you too.

  10. Chandan Chawla  

    Hey Meghna...
    nice blog... like you analysis of books and authors..Keep posting !

  11. Meghna  

    Hi Chandan,
    Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you liked my work :P

  12. Meghna  

    Hi Dreams,
    Thanks for visiting my blog too. Sorry, no exchange of links!

  13. abinash  

    So u catching up with all these tools too. Great dear. Move on. Good post. :)

  14. Meghna  

    Hi Abhinash,
    Yeah, If blogging I too need to go a bit technical you know ;)
    Thanks :P

  15. Sahefa  

    Hii meghna
    thnx for tellin abt zoho writer. its really useful

  16. Meghna  

    Hi Sahefa,
    Glad it came to your use too :P

  17. arvind  

    @Meghna : Nice seeing so many of your readers leaving comments! Thanks once again for introducing Zoho Writer to your readers :-)

    @firewhiskey, @cinderalla, @ms, @sahefa : Thanks for taking note of Zoho!

    - arvind

  18. Meghna  

    Hi Arvind,
    I'm glad I wrote about it...Zoho is certainly great :P

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