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Big Money by P.G Wodehouse  

Big Money by P.G Wodehouse

I am not such a big lover of classics but after my friend’s suggestion, I decided to give PG Wodehouse a try and oh boy, it was certainly worth it!

I read Big Money by PG Wodehousee and would suggest it to all those who love the taste of humor in writing.

The story is about two friends Lord Biskerton or Biscuit and Berry Conway and their financial troubles. The twists and turns in the story make it difficult to keep down. The love life tangles of the two friends, the covetousness of their family, the knowledge of bogus shares not being so and so many other tiny parts of the plot make it an awesome read!

Patterson Frisby is the miserly boss of Berry Conway, who is interested in a copper mine held by Conway. He employs his abettor, more of a bawling man who performs any duty a rich man will ask him to perform to be in the rich man’s good books. But Hoke gets a brain wave and spots the money making opportunity of a lifetime in the mine.

And Big Money is not all about money, but equally balanced with a humorous love tale of two friends engaged to the same lady and then one deciding on other.

By the summary I give you, I am certain you find he book interesting. The style of writing is quite modern and well enough for a modern day fiction lover.

The intricacies of the plot have you in splits at quite a few times throughout the book.

A prudent read for all so go……..hurry and catch a copy!!

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  1. Julette Millien  

    I simply ADORE the master P.G !! I never read this one. Oh my goodness, just thinking about the late night giggles as his silly but smart humour put me to sleep -- TOO funny. Thanks for this reminder!! :-)
    LOL for REAL!

  2. Dr.Mani  

    I got hooked on Plum when I was in 8th grade and have read almost EIGHTY of his books - including his biographical work, 'Performing Flea'.

    On average, I read P.G.Wodehouse's books 3 times - and my favorites, like 'Hot Ice' and the Blandings Castle series have been thumbed 10 or more times!

    Welcome to the fascinating, magical world of Wodehouse, Meg. You'll love it too.

    All success

  3. Meghna  

    @ Julette- too!! Am a big fan now :)
    I really adore his sense of humor!

  4. Meghna  

    @ Mani- Thanks a lot....and I am really happy to be a part :)
    10 times!!! OMG!! You are really an avid reader.....I hope I get as absorbed as you :P

  5. Filarial  

    Jeeves and Wooster series next! .. :D try it .. PG wodehouse is the master of humor!

  6. Meghna  

    @Filarilal- Yeah, that's the next series. I thoroughly enjoy Woodhouse. Thank you.

  7. Eliza  

    I've read a lot of Wodehouse, but not Big Money. I'll have to get this one.

  8. workhard  

    Thats a good review.. never read any by Wodehouse..Will check it out some time..

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  9. Usama Lali  

    meghne. It's always very pleasing to find Plum lovers! Yup, do try Jeeves and Wooster Series and if possible tryta get that show which ran on BBC I think for quite a long time abt Jeeves and wooster series. tryy findingem at Youtube.
    Do check out my blog too and do drop a comment.thanks.

  10. K J SHENOY  

    Hi Meghna, Your Grandpa here. I stumbled upon your blog when I was google-searching for my P G Wodehouse related blog:
    I am amazed at your effort at such young age. I am linking this post to my post about "BIG MONEY" in my blog. Visit my blog and link back to it if you like it. You can catch other blogs of mine from there - all about humour. Cheers.

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